Fairy Floss Gin



Fairy Floss is a British made, cotton candy gin. Fresh, sweet, light juniper plays with well-rounded elderberries and gentle sherbet. It is a thoroughly modern spirit. With it's extra pink look it is perfect for use alongside regular gins or mixed drinks.

Fairy Floss currently exists only as a 250 ml development sample bottle at the moment but the completed size is a 50cl bottle.

We want to roll out production to something a little bigger so its available in a 50cl bottle, so that Fairy Floss can be found on shelves beyond our home and at our events around the country.

The gins that are available today, almost stagger belief. Fairy Floss Gin is an easy drinking sweet gin that’s perfect for gin lovers.

We started playing around and experimenting with flavours; traditional botanicals, fruits,flowers and sweets, trying to create the best gintonic gin possible. It was a labour of love. Each new batch taught us something; we had to make revisions and then fine-tune what we’d learnt. After months of experimentation, making alterations, and admitting that some things just didn’t work - we perfected our recipe.

Available for delivery in Feb 2019