Giant Prosecco Glass



What's worse than having to share a whole bottle of prosecco with friends? Yep - not that many things.

Which is probably why the internet is going wild for this gigantic prosecco glass which can hold a whole bottle of the good stuff all in one go.

Genius. And look, it's still a fancy flute shape, just a really, really big one.

Not since prosecco pong was invented have we been so excited. (Although this prosecco advent calendar did come close).

While bottle-of-wine-glasses have existed for a while, this is the first we've seen of gigantic prosecco glasses, although we do have a couple of logistical questions.

Namely, won't it go flat? And won't it get warm?

Can someone now create a giant ice pack sleeve for all of our giant prosecco glasses?

Anyway, the glass is £14.99 from Prosecco Events UK and you can even have it glittered it on the stem with a choice of four colours - that may seem like a lot of money but it definitely beats the alternative which is just swigging straight from the bottle.

You can choose from pink, blue, green and red to bling up the stem!!

"We do always encourage responsible drinking"